STUART HURST is a photographer who builds balancing rock sculpture on the beautiful beaches of Cornwall.  Born in the mid-sixties in bury (lancs) moving to Cornwall in the late nineties, Some of his work can be seen in person on battery rocks in Penzance, on other occasions you can find him around the coast on hard to access beaches like zennor or botallack using the historic engine houses as a backdrop to his work.

Although Stuart enjoys his sculpture he is also  creative with the stunning coastline and landscape within Penwith & surrounding areas.

Working in digital media gives Stuart the creative freedom to produce one off pieces which provoke powerful emotion.


Many People have asked why I build my sculptures and after much thought I can say it is a combination of spirituality, meditation and the chance to reconnect with myself.

I arrive at my chosen point find a safe place for my bag then done my headphones & study the beach for a while to see the possibilities. I then start to create, stopping after each piece to appreciate each one, this allows me to see the picture I wish to take.

Balancing is difficult but with practice  becomes easier and quicker so with some pictures  I try to portray the immediacy of which they were built. The longer one’s I strive to make timeless so to lose yourself in the image.

Comments I hear such as they are glued or a rod is inserted not only hurt but are derogatory to my art but when the art is touched & it falls gives me a self-satisfaction that cannot be equalled.